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Monday, 02 December 2013 20:03

ERROR: 'Internal Error 2 in module 10' (Dynamics NAV)

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Error 'Internal Error 2 in module 10' reported in Microsoft Dynamics NAV client.




This is cause by one of two problems:

1. There is a FIN.DMP file and it needs to be deleted
2. There is a problem with the SUP file for the Dynamics NAV client
in order to resolve this problem you should follow these steps. 
1. Search for a fin.dmp file in the Dynamics NAV client.  It will most likely be in:
  \users\<username>\Application Data\
2. If you find a fin.dmp file you should delete it and restart the client
3. Check to see if the problem was resolved by steps #1 & #2
If the problem still exists then the problem may be a bad SUP file.  You need to delete the SUP file from:
  \users\<username>\Application Data\
4. Right Click the shortcut used to load the Dynamics NAV Client and look at the command line
5. If there is an "id=xxxxxx" after the EXE file name then make note what xxxxx is.  This is the name of the SUP file
6. Open the   \users\<username>\Application Data\ directory and find the correct .sup file
  6a. If there was an id=xxxxxx then look for a file called xxxxxx.sup where the xxxxxx matches what was in the command line id= field
  6b. If there was not an id=xxxxxx then look for a file called fin.sup
7. Rename the .sup file to be fin.old or xxxxxx.old.  (or you can delete the file)
8. Restart the Microsoft Dynamics NAV client  (You should now be loaded without a connection to the Database)
9. Connect to Database (File/Database/Open):
  Database: <NAV-DATABASE>
  Authentication: Windows Authentication or Credentials
10. Open the company with File/Company/Open and select appropriate Company
11. Once you reopen the Database and company the .sup file will be regenerated and the problem should be resolved

Additional Info

  • Operating System: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008
  • Software Product: Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Windows
  • Software Product Version: Various
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